Junior Dev Manual

All you need to know to start a career in software development!

A book that will tell you about:

  ⇒   What is the best way to learn to program

  ⇒   Beginner mistakes you should avoid…

  ⇒   Software engineer skills you should acquire…

  ⇒    How to develop your skills

  ⇒    How to prepare for the job interview

  ⇒    How to write your first CV

… and many more. See Table of Contents below ⇓

Junior Dev Manual

Complete software development career guide

This is the book I wish I had held in my hands when I started learning to program those few years ago.


A software engineer career gives great satisfaction, but at the same time, it is very demanding. Especially when you take your first steps. When almost 6 years ago I wanted to learn programming I was desperately jumping from one article to another trying to understand where I need to start.


It was an ordeal. I made a lot of mistakes and lost a lot of time. All of that could have been easily avoided.


I wrote down my experiences so that you could have a better start. In this book, I walk you through all the steps you need to go through to find your first programming job. I’ll give you practical advice on how to make the process of becoming a junior programmer as smooth as possible.


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The book will be released in the upcoming months…

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Junior Dev Manual

Table of Contents (around 450 pages)

Please remember that this is still a work in progress so contents may change. But only for the better (with new chapters).



I. So you want to become a programmer?


/// Why you should not become a programmer.

/// Why you should become a programmer.

/// How I became a programmer – a true story – my road to becoming a programmer.

/// Overview of available career paths.

/// Remote work vs. stationary work.

/// A typical day at work – stationary.

/// A typical day at work – remotely.


II. What will you need?


/// Hard skills.

/// Soft skills.

/// English language.


III. The practical part  


/// Where to actually start?

/// The most common mistakes in learning to program.

/// Examples for the first application in different technologies.

/// How to develop hard skills

/// How to develop soft skills.

/// College.

/// Bootcamp.

/// Self-study.

/// Books you don’t need to know, but will definitely help you.

/// How to get started as a freelance for junior dev.

/// What will you actually do at work?

/// A plan to learn.


IV. Looking for a job


/// How to look for a job without experience.

/// How to prepare your first CV – a challenge – write your first CV.

/// How to prepare for the interview.

/// Sample recruitment tasks.


V. You’re in. What’s next?


/// Working with QA.

/// Working with a team.

/// Periodic interviews.

/// Keep your skills up to date.


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Who this book is for?


My goal was to create a book that would help those just starting in their programming careers. It will also be suitable for those who have already started but still haven’t managed to break into the programming market.
And if you are just curious about what a junior programmer’s job looks like you will also find something here for you.
Whether there will be a physical version?
I think it might be possible in the future, but it all depends on the interest in the book and how it will be received. I put a lot of work into it, but it doesn’t guarantee that the book will reach a wider audience.

How long have I been working on the book?


April 2021 marked exactly two and a half years. However, this is not a time that I worked on my book continuously. For example, there were four months in which I didn’t even write a single page. Generally, I spent a lot of time looking for appropriate subject matter for each chapter. Please remember that the work on the book is still going on.


Whether there will be another language version?

Yes, I am planning to release a Polish version as well.

About me…

Gregory Kwasniewski

Hi, I’m Gregory Kwasniewski.

I’m an iOS / Android software engineer. I work in one of the fastest-growing software houses in Central and Eastern Europe. I created nomoredevs.com to share my knowledge with other developers.